Tips Before Visiting a Lincoln Dealer in Chicago

Driving an Lincoln is a lifelong dream for many people. They end up saving from an early age just to get behind the wheel of one. Once you have money ready to get the car, you can choose from a variety of Lincoln dealers in Chicago and complete the purchase. However, the processes are not always as they seem, as some dealers are crooked and may pitch you a wrong deal that is not worth your money. Below are some tips on choosing a dealership to purchase your Lincoln.

Purpose and lifestyle

Before choosing a dealership to purchase a new car, you want to scrutinize your lifestyle and the purpose you want the vehicle to perform. The new Lincoln should fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle and also improve the quality thereof. As such, you want a car that will allow you to carry groceries and also your babies, and to have capacity in the trunk and the rare passenger seats. If you are looking for an off-road vehicle, then an SUV will fit the specifics. Alternatively, racers can choose sports vehicles while people looking for luxury can juggle between numerous options available for luxury cars.

Browse for car options

Browse for Lincolns that are available in your area that match your budget. You can go online and locate dealerships around you and note down products they are selling that match your requirements. Additionally, you can take advantage of the ever-increasing discount coupons on car sales to get a suitable car for you in Chicago. Do not hesitate to inquire about models that you think fit your price and can be availed to you if they do not exist in a nearby dealership.

Financing options

At times, the money you have might not be enough to get the vehicle you so much desire. Financial options do exist to help in covering the costs of owning a new car. Choose an Lincoln dealer in Chicago who will help you get financing as opposed to one who offers none at all. You will also want to know if there are any incentives offered to cash buyers, like discounts of a free warranty during the first ninety days of ownership and so forth.


Read through reviews of dealers from past clients can help you gauge the type of service to expect. You are more likely to choose a dealer that has more positive reviews than one whose clients are always complaining. You can also select an individual from the comment section of the reports and ask them some questions you may have before proceeding to the dealership. Call the customer care numbers and gauge their customer relations before heading to purchase a car in Chicago.

Things to Do Before Leaving Your New Car Dealership in Orland Park

The excitement that engulfs most people after purchasing their new car is just unmatchable. People turn bright with joy on the thought that their dream just turned into a reality. As such, many people leave the car dealership without checking for some accessories that are necessary for the road but are not included in your new vehicle. The list below describes a list of things you need to do before leaving your new car dealership in Orland Park.

Additional Kits

Most people just get their car keys and drive off without checking for additional kits. Tools like a jack, spare wheel, emergency kits and the hazard triangle are core equipment every vehicle has to have. Before leaving the dealership, ask to see if these kits have been included in your new vehicle. Some dealerships are notorious for separately selling them after you abandon their yard only to come back with a complaint that the stuff is missing. As a buyer, you will want to create a list of extras that are needed in a vehicle and ensure the sales representative at the new car dealership in Orland Park shows them to you, lest you spend another couple of thousand dollars buying them.

Ask for Service Checkups

After finding your vehicle in the parking lot of a dealership and agreeing on the price, you want to ensure the vehicle is in perfect condition before leaving with it. The only sure way of accomplishing this is to request a full-service checkup that includes lights and electricals, mechanical details, engine, and brakes, too. The main reason behind this is that you are never sure how long the vehicle has been out in the lot. Over time, as they stay, some parts get damaged due to cold or excessive heat, or maybe for just stalling without working over the years. Ensuring that everything works correctly will go an extra mile in saving you hundreds of dollars.

Learn and Integrate Day-to-Day Utilities

Daily utilities include hands-free phone operation, a fuel tank door, and shifting operations. While they might seem obvious to you, they are not always easy to integrate and locate in some vehicles. Have the sales representative combine your phone with your vehicle before leaving. Additionally, have the dealer explain to you how the gears work, because cars have different gear shifting modes these days, including the automatic and dynamic shift; the latter being the most confusing to operate. Learn to which side the gas tank opens to avoid parking at the wrong side of the pump. Additionally, you will want to know how to open up the gas tank door itself because some vehicles have sophisticated buttons dedicated to just that one single task.

Problems Your Lincoln Faces During Winter

Every winter comes with one crucial message to vehicle owners - avoid driving at all costs! This condition is especially true after a massive snow downfall and sub-zero temperatures that destroy or render your vehicle unusable. Other than the deflated tires and frozen windscreen wipers, there are a lot of things that go on in your car that might pass the naked eye and an inexperienced car owner.The following is a list of common problem your Lincoln vehicle faces during winter and how you can avoid or solve them.

Thick Fluids

Car fluids usually thicken up in winter temperature. In sub-zero temperatures, they might freeze and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Thick fluids in your vehicle render damage to all parts of your car, making it more costly to drive during the coldest season. A common and obvious solution would be to change the car fluids regularly, which translates to more spending. A better solution will be revving your engine up every 15 to 30 minutes before you use the vehicle. Moreover, if you do not plan to use the car for the entire winter season, you can drain the fluids and store them at room temperature where they will not freeze and become useless.

Worn Out Spark plugs

However small they seem, spark plugs are a vital part of your vehicle as the tires. A bad spark plug during winter only thwarts your effort to get the engine started. Always ensure you visit an Lincoln dealer in Chicago before the onset of winter to have the spark plugs replaced. Worn out spark plugs during winter reduces fuel economy and wastes engine heat, which are both vital during the season. An alternative way of ensuring your spark plugs are efficient is cleaning them to get rid of rust that may have accumulated at the tip.

Dead Battery

Cold drains voltage away from your battery. If your idea of a good time in winter is calling for a battery jumpstart during a snowstorm, then you can go ahead and leave the battery unattended to in your car. If you are of a contrary opinion, then you can have your battery checked and also get low-cost insurance on the battery before winter begins. You do not want to end up being a statistic in the ever increasing call cases citing a battery shutdown to tow truck companies during winter. Again, if you are confident that you'll not be driving around in the car during winter, remove the battery and store it at room temperature away from contact with the ground.

Dealership Options You Can Skip When Buying an Lincoln in Chicago

Car sales representatives are people with a plethora of knowledge and skills when it comes to pitching your deals. You are most likely to fall for their time-tested and guaranteed salesmanship and purchase what they are offering, which will increase the experience with your new car. However, not all things they offer need to be bought. Below is a list of dealership options you can willingly skip when purchasing an Lincoln in Chicago.

Fabric Protection

Fabric protection for what? It is undebatable that the fabrics in your car will get depleted over time depending on how you use it. Some fabric protectors are just a can of spray that you can purchase at a local store and carry out by yourself. In most cases, the fabric protection always includes a fee which is four or five times higher than what you will pay for it at the store. Only perform fabric protection if the seats genuinely need fabric protection. Otherwise, if you are comfortable with the condition of the seats and can maintain them on your own, skipping this option won't be a bad idea. 

Vehicle Rust-Proofing

Although most vehicles usually come when already coated with a rust-proof coating, some dealerships will still pitch you the options to make a significant markup in their profit, which is not wrong because that is solely their job. Always confirm with the sales representative for a car that comes with rust-proofing already included in the sales package instead of purchasing it as a separate entity. Rust proofing is commonly pitched for used vehicles and usually done for third-party companies. If you are buying a used Lincoln in Chicago, ensure it comes with rust proofing options to avoid paying extra fees for it to be applied to your car.

Paint Protection

Automotive manufacturers will pitch you the idea of paint protecting your car. it is not necessary, as most new Lincoln Vehicles have already been paint protected in the assembly lines before being dispatched to the dealership. Moreover, most car manufacturers usually advise new car buyers against using wax and sealing products for few months once the paint has already been applied in the industry. Only use paint protection if you are buying a used car whose condition is off and has to undergo a new paint job.

Extended warranties

Extended warranties include bumper-to-bumper protection that a dealership offers to give you for a predetermined period. It is a good pitch, but you can pass it if you have a comprehensive insurance cover that will handle all your vehicle liabilities including crashes. If not, then weigh them before making the final decision to pay.

Different Types of Shops

At one point in time or another, our vehicle needs to be taken into the shop for repairs or maintenance. It is going to need to be looked at by trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the work that you need done. Keeping up on these repairs and maintenance is the best thing you can do for your car and to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. A big decision a car owner will need to make is concerning which shop to take their Acura to in Chicago. There are a lot of different shops and they all do a lot of different things for their customers.

     Some shops specialize in a certain type of work or job that needs to be done to a car. For example, some shops will specialize in repairing and replacing transmissions in vehicles. They will have employees that are experienced in working on all different types of transmissions on all different makes and models of cars. There can be a lot of variety in parts that are used from one maker to the next, and these shops need to have employees who know them all.

     Some shops are located within dealerships. They are one of the departments that are part of the business. They are one way for dealerships to bring back their customers and to keep them coming back after they have sold them the vehicle. They will handle cars for walk in customers and they will also handle warrantied maintenance and repairs on the cars they have sold.

     There are the smaller "Mom and Pop" mechanics that set up their business for oil changes and car inspections for the people of their communities. They are doing the basic work that people need to have done on a regular basis. These are the kind of shops that your Dad has been taking his cars to since he was a young man.

     There are then some shops who specialize in a certain make of vehicle. Some vehicles are very different from others and they require special training and knowledge in order to be able to work on them. Some shops will specialize in Asian model cars or other may focus their work on the European models. Each one has their own intricacies that these shops will work on.

The one thing that you want to know before you take your Acura to a Chicago shop is if the technicians are certified to fix your car. Not all mechanics or technicians are trained to work on certain makes or do certain jobs. You need to make sure that the shop you are choosing is going to be able to do the job right the first time.

Know Before You Go

It is very exciting when you decide that it is time to get a new car. Shopping for a new car can be a lot of fun and a big decision to take on. When you decide to make a big purchase, like a car from a new car dealer in Orland Park, you want to have a good idea of what it is that you are looking for. One of the first things that you need to determine is the type of vehicle that you want to get for you and your family. There are a lot of them out there to choose from.

     A standard sedan is always a safe choice. They normally seat 5 people comfortably, which is usually enough room for a standard 4 person family. They are big enough to do what it is you need them to do and small enough to get good gas mileage. There are a wide range of sedans, by a lot of different automakers to choose from. They also handle bad weather well with good handling and performance.

     There is always the choice of choosing a sport utility vehicle as well. These are going to be larger vehicles and will not get the best gas mileage, but they are great if you live in out of the way areas. They are a great choice for an active family that is heading to sporting events and family camping trips. These vehicle usually sit 6 to 8 people and will have room for the family dog when you head off for that weekend camping trip. Some of these will even come with four wheel drive features as well.

     One of the newer trends on vehicles is a crossover. These are a mix of sedans and sport utility vehicles. They are awesome in bad weather and they are small enough to get good gas mileage. Many of these may even come with the capabilities of four wheel drive. These are a new wave in car design and they have a great unique look and are going to be in a design class all their own.

The choices are plentiful in the types of cars that are out there. One of the important factors that people consider is gas mileage. One of the things that many automakers are focusing on is giving people the option for alternative fuels in a wider variety of vehicles. You want to do your research before you head to the new car dealer in Orland Park, or it could be an overwhelming experience. You don't need to know exactly what type of vehicle that you are looking for, but you are going to want to have an idea of the features that you want.

Well Presented Product

When it comes to working in a sales business, the most important thing is the inventory of product that you have available. People like to see variety and to have a lot of different choices to choose from. A new car dealership in Orland Park is going to need to keep a good variety of vehicles for their customers to look at and test drive. They also want to make sure that their stock is well presented for the customers so that the customer gets a good first impression of the vehicle.

The look of the cars on the lot is important because many people shop with their eyes. They want to see cars that are clean and have been well detailed. They want their vehicle to look nice and they want to know that the dealer takes good care of their inventory. The look of a vehicle is what a shopper is going to notice first and it is going to be a major factor in them wanting to take it for a test drive. A car is going to present well if the dealership takes time to make sure that the car has been detailed from top to bottom and even under the hood.

The good looks of a vehicle is going to help to get a person into it for a test drive and this is going to be the next important phase of the impression. They want to get into a vehicle that is going to have a smooth ride and runs well. No one wants to buy a vehicle if it needs to have repairs done before they get it. If the vehicle runs well, the customer knows that the dealership has taken the care to make sure that their cars are perfect before they offer them to the customer. The impression that a customer gets from a test drive can be the thing that can seal the deal for the salesperson.

Aside from the car, people want to deal with a salesperson that they get a good vibe from. The sales business is all about impressions. It is about the impression that a customer gets of the new car dealership in Orland Park, the employees that are working there, and the cars they have on the lot. All of these things go into the success of the business because of the impression they add up to about the business. The customer wants to know that they are dealing with a dealership that they can trust and that is going to put them in the best vehicle that they can get for them. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and this is true in a sales business. If one part is weak, it can throw off the entire impression that the customer gets.

Trade School Is A Great Option

One of the things that is necessary to be successful in our world today is an education. It is paramount that one continues their education once they have graduated from high school, especially if they wish to embark on a successful career. For decades, traditional four year colleges were the direction that many people went, but not anymore. Although many people continue to take this route, one option that is becoming more and more popular is trade school. There are a lot of benefits in going to a trade school in comparison to a four year college.

     The education that a person receives from a trade school is a far more focused education. All of the classes that a person takes are going to be centered around what it is they are trying to learn how to do. They are not going to have to meet a bunch of general education requirements in order to graduate like they do at four year colleges. The students at a trade school are going to be fully immersed within the given trade that they are learning.

     Graduating from a trade school can happen a lot faster than the four years it takes for a bachelor's degree. Because the curriculum is far more focused, students are able to study the desired trade and cut out all the fluff that one of the big colleges or universities will require. It is a lot easier to go to a trade school for a year and a half than it is to go to a four year school.

     Trade schools also tend to be a far more cheaper option. Because of the shorter amount of time and the smaller amount of classes that are taken, the end result are much smaller loans. This is a major benefit for young people who are looking at their options for the next stage in their life. No one wants to have $40,000 in debt hanging over their head after they graduate.

     These trade schools are also a great way to begin networking with people within the industry they are going to work in. They are going to meet people who are already established within the industry, and this could be a great help to the students after they graduate.

There is a good chance that the technician that is working in the service department of the local Acura dealer in Chicago went to a trade school. Many technicians in the automotive industry go to trade schools in order to become certified to work on the cars of today. They are much more complex and intricate than vehicles used to be, and they need to have the proper training in order to work on them.

Spring Is Coming

Spring is a time for clearing away the cobwebs after a long and cold winter. It is time to prepare for the warmer weather and all of the fun that is going to be had over the next few months. It is time for for people to get their lives ready for a new part of the year and there are a lot of things that will need tending to. Spring cleaning and reviving applies to a lot of different things in a person's life.

     It is a given that people are going to do a lot in their homes to get ready for spring. They are going to pack away all of the cold weather clothes and get out their cute shoes and outfits for spring. They are going to donate the clothes that don't fit the kids and buy them some new stuff for the spring and summer. It is also a time to switch up the look of the house from all of the snowflakes and snowmen to flowers and window treatments.

     You may not think about it, but the car is going to need to be ready for the new weather as well. You are going to want to take the car in to the local Acura dealer in Chicago for all the necessary maintenance that it will need for those great weekend trips. You are going to want to change those snow tires and get on some all season tires and make sure that the oil is fresh and new. You are also going to want to give the car and good cleaning, inside and out, to get rid of all the salt that the winter weather brings.

     Many people use the spring time to revamp themselves as well. It is a time when people are starting to reveal the body that they have been working towards all summer. Many people start diets around the new year, and they are ready to reap the benefits of all their hard work. It is also time for a fresh haircut and maybe a new color, too. Some people also enjoy getting some new clothes to reflect the latest clothing trends and in style patterns for the season as well.

Spring is a time where we all start to come out of our homes and enjoy the sunshine that we have missed so much. We need to get the house, car, kids, and ourselves ready to enjoy the new weather of a new spring. It is a time when those summer vacation plans start to take shape and people make final decisions on where they are going to go this July. It is also a time where college seniors prepare to claim that degree that they have been working their butts off for. Spring is a time where the world begins to come alive again.